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During drilling operation, when a well kick takes place and bit bore is blocked, the by-pass valve can be opened to allow fluid circulation and well killing. Before drilling in a gas formation, the By-Pass Valve shall be located near or on the bit.

When well kick take place and pump pressure is too high or blocked, the following  steps can be taken to open the By-Pass Valve : 

● Discharge Kelly and drop in a steel ball (or a Nylon ball) which is carried by tool; 

● Connect with Kelly; 

● Put ball into retainer by pump circulation;  

● When fluid is closed, the shear pin can be sheared off by adding 0.5~1.5MPa  higher pump pressure than original pump pressure; 

● After pin is sheared, the seal sleeve move down to open the discharge hole and  pump pressure come to drop down , then normal circulation and well killing operation  can be started. 

When ordering please specify

● O.D. of body; 

● Connection; 

● Pump pressure required to shear off pin (per customer requirement)

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