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Minister Wang Zhigang and his delegation visited our company for inspection and

Published on: Jul 14 , 2022

On May 18, 2022, Wang Zhigang, member of standing Committee of Mudanjiang Municipal Committee and Head of United Front Work, accompanied by Li Feng, vice Mayor of Hailin city and other leaders of relevant departments, visited our company for inspection and investigation.


9 a.m., zhigang wang minister first came to the screw and screw company honesty workshop, walked to the accompanying staff know company production and operation situation, in TRW product exhibit zhigang wang minister ask for details of the company development, accompanying officials briefed, hailin, vice mayor of badad company was introduced in detail,

Vice Mayor Li Feng first gave full affirmation to our past work, especially our company's adherence to both production and operation and epidemic prevention and control in the face of continuous epidemic situation. At the same time, Vice Mayor Li Feng introduced the slow progress of the company's restructuring work.

After listening to the report of the leaders of the company and the leaders of Hailin City, Minister Wang Zhigang fully affirmed our company, he thought that our company has a certain scale, beautiful environment, sophisticated equipment, excellent technology, diversified products, high quality personnel, great potential for development.

He hoped that we would not disappoint the ardent hopes of leaders at all levels, and with the strong support of mudanjiang and Hailin party committees and governments, we would overcome all kinds of difficulties, complete the restructuring work of the company, and make new contributions to the healthy development of local economy.


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