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Tianhe Oil Technology(Chengdu)Company always insists on technology research and

Published on: May 05 , 2022

Tianhe Oil Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. is an integrated operation company integrating technology development, global sales, after-sales service, leasing management and manufacturing and assembly.

In Sichuan-Chongqing region of China, rugged roads, deep burial depth, well site close to residential areas and other factors make downhole operation in China need to develop into continuous operation with high power, long time and low noise.

We hope that through the blessed land of Sichuan and Chongqing, the products will be constantly innovated and reformed, so that Tianhe Oil will have a strong source of vitality. Strength, courage and cohesion are the basis for Tianhe Oil to break through difficulties on the road of innovation.

To do a good job, you must sharpen your tools;

Tianhe Oil Chengdu Company has always been committed to technological research and development and technological innovation, spending about 5% of sales revenue on RESEARCH and development every year, and developing more core products by constantly colliding with the research team of Southwest Petroleum University and the existing RESEARCH and development team of the company.

Recently, Tianhe Oil Technology(Chengdu)Company independent research and development manufacturing a new generation of hydraulic oscillators, screw, torsional vibration, hydraulic reamer offline smoothly and through the factory testing, the product of offline smoothly mean TRW oil tools to a new height, a new generation of products will better meet the demand for a long time, high efficiency of homework,

To provide a powerful boost to the safe and efficient development of global oil and gas resources!

Regarding this kind of product, tianhe oil engineers, based on more than ten years of development and field application experience, focus on the certain position of "long time continuous operation under high power load", from product structure form, key parts selection to lubrication system, make a new design, break the shackles of traditional design.

Through strict type test in the factory, it has stable operation performance and longer service life under different pressure and speed, and fully meets the continuous operation requirements under high power load.

Brand is the most valuable intangible asset of an enterprise.

The brand value of tianhe oil comes from the sum of high-quality commitment and adherence, the value of customers' reputation and the long-term brand trust.

High quality products are also fundamental to Tianhe Oil survival.


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