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Fishing Tools

    The TIANHE S-Fishing Magnet is a junk retrieval tool designed to retrieve small metal, odd-shaped objects such as mill metal shavings, bit cones, cutters, bearings, slips, tong pins, and hand tools from the bottom of the well bore. Typically, these damaging junk objects are the result of bit failures, mill cuttings, and fallen un-drillable objects which can only be removed by magnetic attraction. The tool is designed with many fluid circulation ports that wash away cuttings and other debris to prevent any interference with the magnetic contact. A variety of guides are available to aid in different retrieval situation. Construction TIANHE S-Fishing Magnet consists of a top sub, housing, magnet element, pole plate, and standard flush guide. The body is manufactured from high strength alloy steel. The magnet element is a powerful permanent magnet that will not lose its charge when handled properly. The magnet body, housing, and pole plate are threaded and welded together during assembly with the magnet element in place. The standard flush bottom guide is threaded and can be easily removed. Operation TIANHE S-Fishing Magnets are usually run on tubing and drill pipes. With wireline adaptors, it can also be run on wireline. The S-Fishing Magnet is attached at the bottom of the fishing string and lowered until it is six to twelve inches within the fish. Circulate to wash the fish. Reduce circulation and lower the fishing magnet to the fish. Slowly rotate to ensure positive contact. Upon positive contact, stop the circulation and lift the fishing magnet from the hole to retrieve the junk.

    TIANHE Reverse Circulation Junk Basket (RCJB) is designed to remove all types of small junk objects from the well hole. The tool’s main feature is that it eliminates the possibility of pulling a wet string during fishing operation with its reverse drainage design. The RCJB can also be used as a fish magnet when fitted with a magnet insert, while maintaining its reverse fluid circulation feature. Operation TIANHE RCJB is normally attached at the bottom of the fishing string, lowered to a point several feet from the bottom of the well. Begin circulation of the junk basket to wash the hole. Stop circulation and drop the steel ball. (When the steel ball is dropped into the valve seat, reverse fluid circulation is activated. The fluid travels outward and downward through the inner passage of the barrel and out through the vents in the lower end. The fluid is then deflected to the center of the tool and up through the return holes in the upper end of the barrel. The reverse fluid circulation carries the junk into the barrel above the junk catcher. Restart the circulation; slowly rotate the junk basket while lowering the tool until a 10-inch core has been cut. Stop rotation and circulation and pull the tool and junk from the hole.

    The internal hook is a fishing tool generally used inside casings and oil tubings for fishing ropes and other fishes such as wire-lines, cables, logging wire-lines and paraffin cutters. There are two types of internal hooks for different fishing applications: Dead (fixed) hook and Live (adjustable) hook.

    The die collar, also known as skirted taper tap, is a special external fishing tool that engages with the dropped tubular objects such as drill pipes and oil tubing, by tapping on the external wall of the objects. It can be used in fishing cylindrical objects without inner bore or stuck inner bore. The die collar is a long cylindrical integral structure composed of a Sub, a Tap body with cutter threads in the cone shaped interior. The die collar is made of high strength alloy with cutting grooves in the fishing threads.

    The Taper Tap is a special internal catch fishing tool that engages with dropped tubular objects such as drill pipes and tubes by tapping threads on the object surfaces. It is a highly effective tool in the fishing of dropped tubular objects with couplings especially when the tapered threads engaged with the fish couplings. The taper tap can be used for different fishing operations when equipped with left hand threaded or right hand threaded drill pipes and tools. The taper tap is made from high strength alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength and ruggedness. The cutting threads are hardened (wicked) with cutting grooves to ensure proper tapping of threads on the fishes



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